Our Training

Each job brings its own challenges, and we know that a nationwide POP solution will never fit straight into every site. There will always be obstacles to overcome with each campaign and we take pride in our ability to go the extra mile and ensure success. Our team training days for address the following:
  • Project overviews.
  • Any expected Health &Safety issues, and the steps needed to overcome or avoid them.
  • The objectives of the campaign from the client's point of view.
  • The design and installation plans and any feedback from the teams.
  • Potential issues arising with different sites - best solutions for the client's needs.
  • Exact reportage requirements, methods and timeframes.
  • Prudent levels of spares to carry.
  • All other ifs and buts!
Preparation and thorough planning are the keys to our ability to successfully implement any POP campaign - training before and during projects is an integral part of this package. The feedback provided during these days is useful not only to the installation teams, but is also valuble to the clients and their design teams.