With centralised team hubs in Hertfordshire, Cheshire and Suffolk, Pulse have mobile crews of installers and site supervisors who can work across the UK and Europe. In the end, successful installation projects mean satisfied clients. When Pulse undertakes a project the whole team, from management to installer, is committed to achieving the demanding quality requirements and project deadlines that are typical in this field.

We understand the needs of retailers. We also know it is not always convenient to have an installation during working hours, so we can work around the clock if needed. Each site is scheduled into the plan and each retailer contacted prior to the visit to ascertain any individual needs. The installation team will arrive with all nessesary documentation, as well as a full installation brief for the store.

Clean site - safe site. Whether it is a single poster or a 30 metre wall bay that is being installed, our crews are trained to tidy up as they go and, once finished, the retailer will be asked to judge them on their site management.

Once finished, the team leader will debreif the retailer. Any training will be given, as well as preventative care and cleaning advice. Once signed off, the installation is reported back to the project management team.