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POS Installers & Retail Displays in the UK, Europe & Worldwide

Pulse was established in 1997, and has since become a leading player in the fields of retail displays installation, merchandising and field surveying.

We have worked with a number of big companies providing retail displays throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide. We have built up a reputation as one of the best POS Installers in the business, which is why we see most of our clients return again and again! Our mission is to provide our clients with well planned, cost effective and high quality POS installations that recognise and respond to their unique requirements.

We pride ourselves on our ability to supply highly skilled, professional POS Installers and tradesmen in an environment that encourages and empowers them to achieve their best whilst maintaining a strong working relationship with clients and contractors.


  • Dedicated project management and planning.

  • Surveys and site audits.

  • Retail D isplay installation and logistics.

  • Display maintenance and updating.

  • Merchandising and seasonal programming.

  • Quality control and real-time digital feedback.

We work with major clients across the UK and Europe, and pride ourselves on our professionalism and high quality of work, as well as our fast delivery of service and our ability to meet ever increasing demand within the market.

Our operational flexibility means that, even in the current economic climate, we are still able to offer class leading service at very competitive rates.

Customer service is of paramount importance here at Pulse Display Installations, we will ensure that your receive a professional and reliable service at a very competitive price. For more information on our POS installation solutions give us a call today on 01763 250 555.


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